"UNSUNG-22" August 1, 2023

"UNSUNG-22" August 1, 2023

After what was an extremely nervous drive from Littleton to Aurora wondering what the hell I was in for, I finally arrived at the Vintage Theater, which is the home of the Monica Horn Gallery. I have been planning for months, the construction of this exhibit, which includes 22 individuals who all work within the Denver metro area theater community; however, these 22 individuals, in my opinion have rarely received the kinds of positive feedback that we as actors become accustomed to, after receiving curtain calls almost daily. 

In my opinion, they were all Unsung.

So, I created an exhibit of watercolor portraits in my studio over a six month span that includes stage manager’s, to artistic directors; set carpenters and costume designers to playwrights and the like. Finally, I had the audacity to invite them all together for an evening where I could unveil the artwork in front of them and their families. An idea struck me that I should have someone close to them offer a paragraph or so of words of tribute. This instantly became, my favorite part of the night. Yes, I am proud of the artwork. Yes, it took me six months and yes, I am not making a dime. But to be able to read these inspiring and loving words from 22 other people about the people I was trying to honor as well became the best part of the evening. Thank you to everyone involved and especially JoDi and Max. This was an event that I will not soon forget and that I was so proud and honored to be a part of.


August 1-31, 2023


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